UIDAI Guideline

Most important instructions regarding Aadhaar services.
Point 1: Rate chart should be fixed outside and also inside your Aadhaar centre. 

Point 2: Use latest Aadhaar Enrolment and Update Form as per Aadhaar Act 2016, if you use old form then Aadhaar will be rejected. please ensure and use new Aadhaar form.

Point 3: Your aadhaar setup (layout) should be as per the attached image.

Point 4: Your Aadhaar Kit should be deployed at your registered CSC/Aadhaar Location.

Point 5: If you are going to close your Aadhaar centre due to any reason, kindly inform us immediately.

1).Your centre will be visited anytime by UIDAI/CSCSPV team, if anyone found doing malpractises or taking extra charge for Aadhaar services (New aadhaar enrolment, Aadhaar Updation and Eaadhaar printing), then your aadhar centre and OMT id will be cancelled immediately.

2).FIR will also be lodged againt the concerned VLE/Supervisor/Operator as per Aadhaar Act, 2016.


1. Rate Chart : Click Here

2. Aadhaar New Enrolment Form : Click Here
3. Aadhar Set Up or Layout : Click Here
4. Fill this Monitoring Sheet : Click Here